“Quality for shared success” – our slogan accurately reflects PROMEGA philosophy.

Our passion for metals drives us to sharing our knowledge and supporting enterprises in facing the challenges of our time. That’s why we are your partner for all steel and copper products – all from a single source.

Since 1985, we have been offering advice, procuring and processing metals. Our service centre gives us a high level of flexibility with regard to our flat rolled products and their applications.

We are an experienced, self-organised and interdisciplinary team bridging any communication gaps, administrative and financing barriers and, last but not least, long delivery times for you.


With our well-arranged warehouses in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, we are the right point of contact for your immediate needs.

Our over 6,000 m² of warehouse floor space keeps copper and steel from an extremely varied global manufacturer base in stock.

We stand out for our expertise, reliability and service offering.

Long-standing partnerships with global manufacturers and our extensive steel and copper business experience assure the quality and requirement compliance you would expect from a supplier like us.

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our daily business.

Combining our customers’ trust with our quality ensure “quality for shared success”.