Company History

We have come an exciting way since our establishment in 1985.

1985 History

WAPRO – Walzprodukte Handelsgesellschaft mbH – established its office in A-6845 Hohenems.

Founders: The Brugger and Gächter families.

Product range:
Copper sheets and galvanized steel sheets from stock at the warehouse in Lauterach, Austria.

1986 Metal-Infoservice
Launch of the Metal Info Service

The daily fluctuations in stock market quotations were processed and sent to our customers by fax for the very first time.

1987 Product
Copper from overseas sources

This year, the first copper quantities were imported to Europe from the US and Canada.

1988 Product
Copper from Chile

The country boasting the world’s largest copper deposits becomes one of our business partners.

1991 Stock
Main warehouse opens in Karlsruhe, Germany

This warehouse located directly by the river Rhine is the perfect place for shipments to our customers.

1995 Product
Zinc sheets added to the product range.

They made up the predominant roofing and facades, making it trend at the time.

2003 Stock
Swiss warehouse

This year saw us build our first warehouse in Switzerland.

2006 Product
Bar steel and stainless steel sheets

Our product range was extended by bar steel and stainless steel sheets.

2010 History
Family-owned enterprise PROMEGA

On 01.01.2010, PROMEGA was established as a family-owned enterprise, taking over 100% of WAPRO’s operative business.

2011 Product
“promINOX®” brand protected

Our stainless steel sheet with a very matte surface specially designed for roofing was given a name.

promINOX® was protected as a brand name.

2012 Metal-Infoservice
Metal Info Service available as a web app

Apart from our new homepage, we also designed a web app for our Metal Info Service customers.

2014 Product

Since 2014, we have been processing our flat steel products at our Swiss service centre.

These products have been of top Swiss quality ever since.

2016 Product
COLORTOL®-sheets acquired

This year, the company acquired the COLORTOL® sheet from the Koenig Feinstahl company.

2020 History
Business transferred to the sons

The proprietors Gerhard and Burgl Gächter transferred PROMEGA to their sons Jürgen Gächter and Dietmar Gächter.