FAQ - frequently asked questions

About the contract:

First of all, try our Metal Info Service for 30 days for free and without commitment. Here you will find the details. If you know us already and now decide to become a customer, please go our Sign In page to register.

Yes! Be convinced to do the right thing by trying our Metal Info Service for 30 days for free and without commitment. The trial period will end automatically after 30 days. After that, we will send you a written offer.

No, your access details will remain unchanged.

Yes, this is a service for our customers. You may also choose to opt out of automatically extending the contract, though.

1 month before the end of the ongoing contract period. Sending us a written notice by letter or by email will be enough.

Your access details are for your own use only and MUST NOT be disclosed. Nobody is allowed to pass on your details to other branches of the same company, to customers or to third parties.

About our Metal Info Service:

All kinds of stock exchange data will help you keep track of changing industrial metal prices. Intraday charts display the current metal trends. Also check the site for on-time information on up-to-date metal settlements published every afternoon, which is available for review for days, months and years via history charts.

Copper, nickel, zinc, aluminium, lead and tin.

Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Für Austria der AMP
Für die Switzerland der SMP (ehem. CRMV)
Für Germany der ACI (Advanced Copper Index, ehem. MK)

Yes, a chart plots the LME stocks of all industrial metals.

Yes, we prepared a clear overview of main currencies such as EUR/USD, EUR/CHF and USD/CHF.