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All your metals at a glance.


We process all kinds of stock exchange data to help you keep track of changing metal prices. The integrated diagram lets you watch the development of historical settlements.


Just a few clicks logs you in and displays the latest trends.


Current metal market prices automatically synchronise with PROMEGA’s metal info server to keep you up-to-date at all times.

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Why choose our Metal Info Service?

We knew from the start that listed metals such as copper, nickel, aluminium and zinc experience severe price changes.

The price for processing, i.e. the price for everything from the raw material to the semi-finished product, only has a minor share in the full price. Daily variations of stock market quotations require us to keep a permanently vigilant eye on the stock market and run a well-oiled information system.

As early as 1986, we started to implement a fax-based information system, which we have been providing as an Internet service since 1990 in order to keep our customers up to date on stock market activities.

In 2012, we introduced the Metal Info Service app for smartphone users.

Every 4 minutes, it outputs up-to-date stock exchange data we process to make them match your needs.

We also inform our customers of any unforeseeable market rate changes or other events.

Your personal password is your key to access this information of ever-increasing importance at any time.

Or you may subscribe to the optional trading day forecast we publish every morning or request to receive an email informing you of the latest metal settlement in the afternoon.